Friday, October 2, 2009


That's right everyone!!!!
I'M PREGNANT one bottle of fertilaid and fertile CM and I'M PREGGERS!! I am so happy and excited :) I'm 4 weeks along and already got it confirmed at the doctors. My first prenatal ultrasound is November 2nd I cannot wait to see my little bean!!!!! I am so greatful for the opportunity to take the fairhaven health products THEY REALLY WORK!!! They all helped contribute in there own special way the fertilaid helped regulate and make me feel WONDERFUL! the fertile CM gave me that all important fertile cervical mucus. The bend breathe and conceive DVD helped me relax when I had been SO STRESSED this late year or so trying to conceive. The fertilitea is the best companion with the fertilaid and warmed me up nicely :) and the fertile focus showed that I was ovulating when the ovulation test strips were not quite sure LOL. And together they helped my husband and I conceive a child! I will keep everyone updated on my pregnancy and how it goes the ups and downs... right now my symptoms are:
sore breasts

I recommend fairhaven health products THEY WORKED FOR ME!! Autumnblog is the coupon code for 10% off hurry you have until november!! and this weekend only until sunday use the coupon code WeekendDeal for 15% off!!! that's October 2nd thru October 4th ONLY!! SO HURRY!!! cause it's worth it when those two lines appear (not to mention how wonderful you feel while taking the products)

Thanks everyone and BABY DUST AND STICKY VIBES TO ALL!!!!


  1. Wahooooo, congrats!!! I have done the fertilaid for 2 cycles, both ended in BFP, so I am hoping that this one does as well. My cycle was a bit screwy after my miscarriage, but FertilAid helped get my horomones back to normal to we could try again. I'm about 1/2 way through the dreaded 2 week wait, so I guess we will see what happens in a week or so. Congrats again, sending lots of sticky dust

  2. Hello there congrate, i also had tried thirs fertilAid for man for my husband almost 1 month & finish 1 bottle till now i still waiting just to find out from you what is CM stand for? can u just reply to my email? the doc told that my husband had a lazy sperm so that y i just bought the product for him & not for me yet...come share ur experiance tq

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