Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Long Time No Post

Hey everyone!! I know it has been a VERY VERY long time! I have been so sick this pregnancy and out of it! I wanted to come on here and see who checks my blog! I am in my 22 week and about to start physical therapy. I told my doctor about the horrible pains in my lower back and ligaments and he explained about the stretching getting worse with every pregnancy and that my spin is separating a little in the lower part sooooooooooo off to physical therapy for me! I will be blogging about that for those that are curious and may need the same thing. Sleeping is the hardest, I just cannot get comfortable and the pain is so deep and strong! Well I have good news though!!!!!!!!!! We had our ultrasound done yesterday and..................... IT'S A BOY!!!!! I knew it would be ;) we couldn't be happier and cannot wait to meet our little man :) I have not told youtube or facebook yet so if you are a reader you will be happy to know the news first :) In the ultrasound he wouldn't stop moving so we didn't really get too many pictures he wouldn't show a profile :( but the cute news is she called him a jumping bean! haha I LOVE IT! And he showed the goods what more could you want? He weighs 1 pound 1 ounce already and is measuring a head by a couple days!!! Go baby go baby go baby GO! haha
I hope everyone is doing well and good luck to all my TTC friends out there :) I 'm your personal cheerleader and cannot wait as each one of you get your BFP's! Stay safe and I will be updating regularly now I promise and will tell you all about everything going on I just wanted to give a quick news about my baby boy and will be posting the ultrasound pictures soon :)