Saturday, September 26, 2009

Suming up this cycle with fertility products!

Hey everyone update time!
It's CD 23 so I'm heading in the home stretch of this cycle. My thoughts on the fertility products I used this cycle are good happy thoughts!
The fertilaid helped me ovulate so much earlier this cycle than I've been used to and fertile CM have me fertile CM! The fertilitea was a must have as it helped me feel even better and warmed me up with a wonderful taste! The bend, breathe and conceive DVD is something I will use for years! Every time I want to relax I will use it (except when pregnant). I plan on keeping that and using it every time I try to conceive in the future, along with now since I'm still TTC. Now on to the fertile focus, it was so amazing to see the ferning on the microscope and was amazed at the accuracy. As I told you I used it and the ovulation test strips to check to see if there was a difference. I noticed the fertile focus was showing ferning a little before the ovulation test strips were showing completely positive. I find that to be a funny note as it widened the time we baby danced. It was so easy to use and its not expensive! I won time cost! These products are wonderful and I highly recommend them if you need the extra support while TTC and you still have time to use the coupon code Autmnblog before November! So what are you waiting for? a BFP? having trouble getting a BFP?! If its the man in your life that is having trouble they also have fertilaid for men! Helps count, motility and morphology!! Didn't know that?! Then check out the site to see all they offer!!!!! GO :)

I hope I get my BFP
but if it's not meant to be
I'll keep on trying
with these products I'll keep on buying

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeling silly but completely relieved!

Ahhh LOL I should have really waited for the saliva to dry longer! I re-looked at it and there were FERNS EVERYWHERE! LOL it was beautiful! you guys this is awesome! I am loving the saliva scope :) go check out the reviews and judge for yourself if my word isn't enough!!!! and if you just love it or anything else Autumnblog is the coupon code for 10% off of everything!


Everyone I almost feel like crying!!! It is CD 14 a cycle day that is like any other as I NEVER ovulate on this day and NEVER have fertile CM on this day it is always later.... well at least since my miscarriage last September.... Today I have so much fertile CM its amazing! I really do owe it all to fertile CM! I am in shock so I desided to take an ovulation test strip and use my fertile focus saliva scope to see what they had to say and this was the result of the ovulation test strip...... yes its probably hard to see but if you can tell there are TWO count them TWO DARK lines on it... now yes the second line should be a little darker so probably either in a few hours or by tomorrow I should be "officially" ovulating! So on to the saliva scope the new product Im trying out from fairhaven health to see what it had to say and it still says transition like I told you guys.... I do not know how quickly transition can turn into fertile or what have you want to do more research cause I had just had a bowl of cereal and I wonder if food can affect it? If anyone knows COMMENT ME!
All in all THANK YOU FERTILE CM and for me being able to ovulate more on time THANK YOU FERTILAID! I know that because I have been taking them I am able to come on here at CD14 and say all this!!! please guys if your having fertility trouble check out the website use the coupon code and get a running lap at this battle! coupon code Autumnblog it will change your cycle!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Product review #6

Hey guys
I wanted to come on and let you guys know that for the last few days I have been using my fertile focus saliva scope and its SO EASY! I love how easy and that I can reuse it over and over until well I get pregnant LOL and then maybe one day if I want another child use it again! No expiration date! So its wonderful because I have seen myself go from not fertile to in the "transitional" faze. For more information on that go to and check out the fertile focus and all the other great products! While your there if you see anything you like (and I know you will!) do not forget to use the coupon code Autumnblog for 10% off of everything thru Nov. 31st!! I highly recommend not only the fertile focus if your sick of the ovulation test strips and the expense month after month but the fertilaid and fertile CM I have noticed a HUGE difference in CM and on the fertilaid I just feel sexy confident and healthier! It will help you feel all those things as it balances out your hormones after all it is Doctor approved and ob-gyn recommended in fact while I was at my doctor I told her that I was taking fertilaid and she was so happy for me! She knew it was just what I needed and I do too! Good luck everyone and with a discount why not try it out?

Friday, September 11, 2009

And the winner is.......

Lauren! i.e: InfertiliBaby CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
(Lauren please send me a private message and we can make arrangements to get it to you immediately!)

I really wish I had one to give to all of you! Thank you so much for taking the time to enter and as soon as I can I plan on doing another contest so keep an eye out! I really am happy that all of you are taking steps to bringing either your first or second or third or more child into this world! I wish for all of you to have luck and success in your TTC journey and that you can receive all the support you need! So in the mean time you can check out and use the coupon code Autumnblog for 10% off of any of their products and keep an eye out on my blog and youtube account not to mention becoming a fan of fairhaven health at they have great give aways all the time too and you could have more chances to win great things like this! So again thank you and BABY DUST TO ALL!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm giving away one free fertile focus microscope if you are currently TTC please post a comment to this blog and I will enter your name into the random drawing!! You have from now September 8th until September 10th to post a comment the drawing will be friday the 11th and if you win I will post further instructions on the winning post!
Thanks alot guys and good luck to everyone! remember it is random I'm not playing fav's on this!!!
If you win: I will try to ship it out to you before this coming weekend so that you can get it hopefully next week so stay tuned!
fertile focus product info can be found at use the coupon code Autumnblog to get 10% off anything through November 1st and for more possible contests and information on fairhaven products stay connected: and

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Product review #5

Bless everyone that reads my blogs! I have been feeling so wonderful! I still am taking the fertilaid for woman and the fertile CM and I have been so happy! I have been feeling wonderful. I added a new tool to my belt..... fertili tea! isn't that just the cutest name you have ever heard? It tastes wonderful, almost like jasmine tea! It's herbal and its so warm I immidiatly smiled and enjoy ever last drop of my cup! It really is the greatest addition to my little belt of fertility tools :) I feel that I have a better quality of life with these products, that I get more out of life and that I can enjoy every minute of it. It's a new cycle today is cycle day 3, nearly over since it is almost midnight on my side of the world. I'm so excited to start this new cycle off right and cannot wait to see the differences with the fertilaid since I have already from last cycle and I started taking it halfway through. I also have something else that I'm going to start using and I believe it is going to be a money saver! It is the fertile focus microscope! It's so cute it almost looks like lipstick! It will tell me when I am ovulating by using my saliva! No more spending money every month for ovulation test strips as this is reusable! I still have some ovulation test strips so I will compare it with the microscope for this month and tell you all my findings! Also I have an extra one given to me by Amy and will be doing a contest so if you are interested in having one too keep an eye out for the information soon to follow this post! there is a picture of the fertile focus on the right hand side of this posting isn't it so cute??? I will be posting the contest on my blog and on my youtube! So check both out if you wish do not forget!! And feel free to go to their website to check out more info to see if it is something you would want to win! and remember there is a 10% coupon code Autumnblog just for you so use that before time runs out!!!! Take advantage guys really if fertilaid can make me feel this great I WANT EVERYONE that I know that is trying to conceive to be using this! And the tea tastes wonderful!!! Keep an eye open for this contest and you could be the owner of your very own fertile focus at no cost to you!! I just ask that you are 18 or older and are currently trying to conceive to be entered into this contest! Thanks guys!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The not so good news that is good news

Did the title make you wonder what I was talking about? It did the same to me too!!!
So you remember the ohhh so wonderful test result? I got a call stating that they forgot one more test and needed me to come back in so I did that. I should be finding out in the next couple of days whats going on but frankly they are checking my prolactin levels.... Let's hope that they are normal because the only causes for that is PCOS hypothyroid (which i do not have) and a tumor. Frankly the doctor is not worried she believes I have an "unexplained" infertility... Ramon will be tested hopefully soon but hes probably ok too! Let us hope!!! So she told me that I could have a prescription for clomid and that wipped the smile right off of my face. I told her about the fertilaid I was taking and she was sooo happy she was like well that will do it! Are you sure your not pregnant yet even? She told me that I have all the right hormones but they are not balanced right and the fertilaid will do wonders for me and I know she is right!!! I have already been feeling wonderful and cannot wait to try the tea! Oh did I mention I am going to be product reviewing tea aswell?! I'm so excited and cannot wait for my little delivery and tell you guys how I fare with that! So in the mean time I'm getting more and more excited about my fertilaid that I'm taking! Even my doctor thought it was wonderful!!! So I will be updating you guys soon Just know I am doing wonderful on this fertilaid and will start blogging about my weight loss I am trying to accomplish. Thanks guys!!!