Thursday, March 29, 2012

Epic Failure.... Recovered!!!!

If you watched my YouTube video you know I completely failed at my first round of products videos! I really wanted to get it done on time and have a full review ready in good lighting and great quality. (you know without these nasty allergies ruining my voice gaaaaaah) but I digress point is I FINALLY made the follow up video for my first products I was trying out and plan on being on time this time (giving no more family emergencies which is what got in the way of having the video up on time the first time) but again I digress!

Being still at a loss for what I should call this series of videos as I want it to be as original as possible as this is something I want to do for MY videos.... here are a few thoughts on possible titles:
Love it or Leave it
Flops or nots
Wants or nots
Do's or Do-nots
approved or denied
whys and why nots (this being particularly funny to me as the whys would be like why would I EVER use this?! and why not like well heck why not?! I love it!!!)

Anywhosies....... no that's not a title idea that is me trying to move on to the point of this blog post!
These 5 products I tried out
Olay face and neck cream
Lorac 3D liquid lustre
Two faced plump lip potion
baby lips
Rimmel London base and top coat pro with English rose nail polish

My "whys" for these products would be as follows:
Two faced plump lip~ although it's a pretty subtle color the plump is nothing to get excited about. Not worth thinking it would be a noticeable difference to where it's like ooh look how luscious Megan's lips are looking today.... yeah not with this! Sorry two faced not saying it's you it could very well be me... jury is still out!

My "why nots":
Olay face and neck cream~ I was pleasantly surprised no greasy after feeling, dried quickly and went on smoothly. It kept me moisturized all day even with makeup on or off. This is what I will be using and I recommend it highly especially if you have dry skin and need something like when you get out of the shower and you are all dried up on your face! put that moisturizer on while your pores are open. And a little side tip don't rub your face dry with the towel pat dry if needed and immediately apply the moisturizer.

Lorac 3D liquid lustre~ This is a why not once you know how to apply. It is fairly easy and goes with almost any look but it does take a little practice to make sure you apply it right where you want it. Make sure to shake it up first before each use and I recommend putting a drop on your hand and then from there placing it where you want and not directly onto your eye and it probably will become a oppsiewoopsie moment!

Baby lips~   To be fair I really didn't use this as much as I wish I would have to give it a fair assessment. To me this isn't to treat already cracked lips but to help moisten and maintain a healthy lip. If your lips are all messed up I would recommend using something stronger first to help heal them and then use the baby lips to never go back to chapped lips again.

 Rimmel London nail polish and top/base coat~   One of the unique things about these is how large the applicator is. I thought it would make it harder to apply the nail polish but in fact it proved easier and quicker. It spread so nicely and stayed for many days even with all of the hard labor I do as a mother ;). I was impressed by how long it lasts and that I only needed one coat to get the actual color of the nail polish and didn't need to apply a few. I will be buying this again (especially since mine got smashed to pieces!!!) and for the price it really is a why not!!!

If you were not able to tell the words of the products contain links to find the products if your interested. I chose because they have free shipping right now on orders over $25 you get a free gift if you buy the lorac right now and the baby lips is buy one get one 50% off so they are all at a steal right now! Of course there are many other places to find these products that is just one of my favorites! I did not attach a link to the two faced but you can find it on I just couldn't find the exact color I have.

not the best pic but you get the point

large smooth applicator

sneak peak at one of next weeks products ;)