Saturday, September 26, 2009

Suming up this cycle with fertility products!

Hey everyone update time!
It's CD 23 so I'm heading in the home stretch of this cycle. My thoughts on the fertility products I used this cycle are good happy thoughts!
The fertilaid helped me ovulate so much earlier this cycle than I've been used to and fertile CM have me fertile CM! The fertilitea was a must have as it helped me feel even better and warmed me up with a wonderful taste! The bend, breathe and conceive DVD is something I will use for years! Every time I want to relax I will use it (except when pregnant). I plan on keeping that and using it every time I try to conceive in the future, along with now since I'm still TTC. Now on to the fertile focus, it was so amazing to see the ferning on the microscope and was amazed at the accuracy. As I told you I used it and the ovulation test strips to check to see if there was a difference. I noticed the fertile focus was showing ferning a little before the ovulation test strips were showing completely positive. I find that to be a funny note as it widened the time we baby danced. It was so easy to use and its not expensive! I won time cost! These products are wonderful and I highly recommend them if you need the extra support while TTC and you still have time to use the coupon code Autmnblog before November! So what are you waiting for? a BFP? having trouble getting a BFP?! If its the man in your life that is having trouble they also have fertilaid for men! Helps count, motility and morphology!! Didn't know that?! Then check out the site to see all they offer!!!!! GO :)

I hope I get my BFP
but if it's not meant to be
I'll keep on trying
with these products I'll keep on buying

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