Thursday, April 13, 2017

Do people read anymore?

Often times I find myself wanting to blog. Many times I even dare to write out an entire thoughtful post but leave it as a draft. I find it sometimes months later and amuse myself with my own writing about things often times no longer relevant. On another note that is related in the sense that it has to do with writing but really nothing else I will write a few thoughts I've been having lately.

I remember when I was younger I would get so excited when a new book would come out. I remember there were even times that I went to midnight parties to get my pre-ordered copy of a book I had been waiting for. I love reading even now when it's not as practical for me to sit down with a good book. I remember getting so lost in the reality that for those moments I could dream in ways I could not imagine at any other times.

Books turned to movies and rarely did I find them to have justifiably copied what I enjoyed from reading. Some were good and enjoyable as for what they were but not for what I had. I seemed to loose the pictures I had created for the characters and had only what I saw from movies be replaces in my memories.

So often times I want to write but don't because I wonder if anyone reads anymore? YouTube is another medium I enjoy but is that all? Are blogs reserved only for those that have extreme click bait or promise to answer some life question everyone seems to have?

I know that perhaps I am just writing to myself and no one is really listening.


  1. I am new to blogger and I have exactly the same thinking as yours. Although there might be few readers who really read and share our thoughts, writing somehow encourages us to distill our thoughts which will sublimate into something amusing in time. Keep writing and cheers.

    1. hi meg I have the same problem too. I have just started out blogging with my thoughts and feelings inspiring me. I came to blogger to let my thoughts escape online, so I never really came here to get an audience. But for people who really do want to get people to listen it is difficult nowadays. All the kids are watching YouTube or films like you said, they haven't even heard of 'imagination'. I personally love reading too, it takes you away from your real life into another adventure. But it seems like technology and the clothes you wear is more important now... such a shame.. X