Saturday, October 8, 2011

Country Save Laundry Detergent Review!

Hey guys I'm back for a review for my new laundry soap that I'm using :) I also posted a video review if you prefer to get the spiel that way you can find that here:

Alright lets get started on the review!

        I decided to get this laundry detergent after reading a blog posting giving it full stars for cloth diapers. I needed something that day and it was getting late and I couldn't find anything else. I was pleasantly surprised as not only was it wonderful on my cloth diapers but my son didn't experience any chemical burns or stains in the cloth. We used this detergent for quite a few weeks and then found ourselves out of our detergent for ourselves and decided to give this a try for our clothes. And amazingly it worked great! Long story short we use this detergent now for everything! Cloth diapers, children's clothes, and our clothes too! It is great for the environment and great for us too! My daughter Renee has eczema and for the first time in her 5 years of life it is going away! She has been getting dry skin now that the cold air is coming but I have noticed a huge difference since using this laundry detergent on her clothes. This really has been a lucky find for us for the whole family! I'm grateful for the power of research and for being able to locate this soap located at our local store! I love anything that I can do to help the environment as our family becomes more aware of our impact on this earth.

OK guys so if your looking for a new detergent to try might as well give this a go! It's not too expensive and it might just help!

And remember guys share a little kindness and make the world a better place :)

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