Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Product review #6

Hey guys
I wanted to come on and let you guys know that for the last few days I have been using my fertile focus saliva scope and its SO EASY! I love how easy and that I can reuse it over and over until well I get pregnant LOL and then maybe one day if I want another child use it again! No expiration date! So its wonderful because I have seen myself go from not fertile to in the "transitional" faze. For more information on that go to and check out the fertile focus and all the other great products! While your there if you see anything you like (and I know you will!) do not forget to use the coupon code Autumnblog for 10% off of everything thru Nov. 31st!! I highly recommend not only the fertile focus if your sick of the ovulation test strips and the expense month after month but the fertilaid and fertile CM I have noticed a HUGE difference in CM and on the fertilaid I just feel sexy confident and healthier! It will help you feel all those things as it balances out your hormones after all it is Doctor approved and ob-gyn recommended in fact while I was at my doctor I told her that I was taking fertilaid and she was so happy for me! She knew it was just what I needed and I do too! Good luck everyone and with a discount why not try it out?

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