Sunday, September 6, 2009

Product review #5

Bless everyone that reads my blogs! I have been feeling so wonderful! I still am taking the fertilaid for woman and the fertile CM and I have been so happy! I have been feeling wonderful. I added a new tool to my belt..... fertili tea! isn't that just the cutest name you have ever heard? It tastes wonderful, almost like jasmine tea! It's herbal and its so warm I immidiatly smiled and enjoy ever last drop of my cup! It really is the greatest addition to my little belt of fertility tools :) I feel that I have a better quality of life with these products, that I get more out of life and that I can enjoy every minute of it. It's a new cycle today is cycle day 3, nearly over since it is almost midnight on my side of the world. I'm so excited to start this new cycle off right and cannot wait to see the differences with the fertilaid since I have already from last cycle and I started taking it halfway through. I also have something else that I'm going to start using and I believe it is going to be a money saver! It is the fertile focus microscope! It's so cute it almost looks like lipstick! It will tell me when I am ovulating by using my saliva! No more spending money every month for ovulation test strips as this is reusable! I still have some ovulation test strips so I will compare it with the microscope for this month and tell you all my findings! Also I have an extra one given to me by Amy and will be doing a contest so if you are interested in having one too keep an eye out for the information soon to follow this post! there is a picture of the fertile focus on the right hand side of this posting isn't it so cute??? I will be posting the contest on my blog and on my youtube! So check both out if you wish do not forget!! And feel free to go to their website to check out more info to see if it is something you would want to win! and remember there is a 10% coupon code Autumnblog just for you so use that before time runs out!!!! Take advantage guys really if fertilaid can make me feel this great I WANT EVERYONE that I know that is trying to conceive to be using this! And the tea tastes wonderful!!! Keep an eye open for this contest and you could be the owner of your very own fertile focus at no cost to you!! I just ask that you are 18 or older and are currently trying to conceive to be entered into this contest! Thanks guys!!!

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