Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The not so good news that is good news

Did the title make you wonder what I was talking about? It did the same to me too!!!
So you remember the ohhh so wonderful test result? I got a call stating that they forgot one more test and needed me to come back in so I did that. I should be finding out in the next couple of days whats going on but frankly they are checking my prolactin levels.... Let's hope that they are normal because the only causes for that is PCOS hypothyroid (which i do not have) and a tumor. Frankly the doctor is not worried she believes I have an "unexplained" infertility... Ramon will be tested hopefully soon but hes probably ok too! Let us hope!!! So she told me that I could have a prescription for clomid and that wipped the smile right off of my face. I told her about the fertilaid I was taking and she was sooo happy she was like well that will do it! Are you sure your not pregnant yet even? She told me that I have all the right hormones but they are not balanced right and the fertilaid will do wonders for me and I know she is right!!! I have already been feeling wonderful and cannot wait to try the tea! Oh did I mention I am going to be product reviewing tea aswell?! I'm so excited and cannot wait for my little delivery and tell you guys how I fare with that! So in the mean time I'm getting more and more excited about my fertilaid that I'm taking! Even my doctor thought it was wonderful!!! So I will be updating you guys soon Just know I am doing wonderful on this fertilaid and will start blogging about my weight loss I am trying to accomplish. Thanks guys!!!

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