Monday, August 31, 2009


So here we go... drum roll please ok enough stalling LOL.....

The doctor said that I'm in perfect health, well as far as blood work goes. No diabetes, thyroid problem, amenia, and hormone levels are "perfect". So what is going on with me? I'm thinking my weight, I've gained so much its probably making me AF lighter than it should be. And honestly I do not understand what the doc means when she says my hormones are good level maybe they are just going to the wrong place because since I've been taking the fertilaid I have been feeling SO MUCH BETTER! I know that it helps I feel like things are balancing out the right way. SOOOO I'm going to the doctor again tomorrow to talk... maybe there is something wrong with me that doesn't show up in the blood? what could that be? hmmm well ok we shall figure this out! I'm going to keep taking the fertilaid because it IS helping fertile CM and doing the yoga DVD... and more as you will all be finding out soon! Next step is to also have Ramon get a semenanalysis done. It's no big deal we are sure he will "count" wonderfully! LOL I cannot believe I said that how corney! So yes keep me in mind as I go through my weight loss journey and continue with my fertility helps! if you want to take them too and do not forget the coupone code Autumnblog.
Thank you all for caring and being there for me! It means the world that you have taken the time out to read this! Wish me luck!!

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