Monday, August 31, 2009

Product review #4

Hey everyone! It's another product review.
I wanted to tell everyone how amazing I have been feeling. I have been waking up earlier, lately I was feeling like I could sleep for 12 hours at a time and then some! But I have been waking up after 8 hours of sleep! And I'm not tired. I have also noticed, and maybe it sounds weird but I feel more feminine. I asked my husband what he thought and he said (being the loving man that he is) no not more feminine you have always been feminine but you do seem to care about yourself more. And it's true I have been looking in the mirror and liking more of what I see... now of course I still see my dark circle and area's of improvement but I haven't been focused on that, I focus on the fact that I feel prettier. Now what could this be? well honestly I feel that it is the fertilaid, it does say that it restores hormone balance, and I do feel low in estrogen, so wouldn't it make sense? Honestly it has only been sense I have been taking them that I have felt this way. I was watching out for signs that I felt better, was shocked when I felt better so soon and never expected to look better! Maybe it is my self esteem, maybe in feeling better I look better you know what I mean? But I can tell you that I KNOW it is the fertilaid, it probably works even better with the bend, breathe and conceive DVD I have! I care about my friends, if any of you are feeling down in the dumps, having trouble conceiving or just want to give yourself that edge to be the healthiest person when you conceive your next child I urge you to try these products. I'm a very honest person and would not ask you to give it a try unless one I have tried it myself and two if it was working for me! Especially since I get to offer you the 10% discount with the coupon code Autumnblog good on any products until November 31st. Keep following me on my journey, and we shall both see how I feel as time goes on. If this is how I feel now I cannot wait to see how I feel in ANOTHER week!
Love you all thanks for reading!

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